Duncan Harding

Charles needed a very English name for his Duncan Harding books covering the British Navy war-time adventures around the world. Thus Duncan Harding was born! Praise for Charles writing as Duncan Harding “As always, recommended.” Library Journal “His special gift to carry the reader along can be simultaneously dramatic and objective.” Publishers Weekly Fiction Novels as Duncan Harding Torpedo Boat – Futura 1976 Tug of War – Futura 1975 The Destroyer Series Assault on St. Nazaire – Severn House 1997 Attack New York! – Severn House 1994 Come Hell or Highwater! – Severn House 1993 The Finland Mission – Severn House 1999 Flotilla Attack – Futura 1976, GH Smith & Son 2007 Operation Chariot – Futura 1977 Operation Judgement – Severn House 1994 Operation Stormwind – Severn House 1996 Sink the Ark Royal – Severn House 1997 Sink the Graf Spee – Severn House 1998 Sink the Prince of Wales – Severn House 1998 The Tobruk Rescue – Severn House 1995 Special Boat Squadron Series Duncan Harding’s Special Boat Squadron is now partly available as ebooks. Click here to check out his Author Page on Amazon. Assault on the Rock – Severn House 2006 Clash in the Baltic – Severn […]

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