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Hitler Youth Attacks by Leo Kessler now available on Kindle. Summer, 1944. The survivors of the decimated SS Assault Regiment Wotan are sent to stiffen the ranks of the newest SS division: the ‘Baby Division’ made up of teenage volunteers from the Hitler Youth. Commander Kuno von Dodenburg doesn’t like his new assignment one bit. When the Allies attack, the ‘babies’, he thinks, will be slaughtered.There is a way out, but it involves a moral dilemma that von Dodenburg cannot resolve. In the end he takes his men into battle against the invasion forces, knowing that there is no hope for them. Fate has already decided they will die before they have begun to live.

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New ebook available on Amazon Kindle. THE SCREAMING EAGLESIron Mike McDonald was doing his second round of the tense, silent village, his legs wreathed in mist so that he seemed to float above the ground like a grey ghost. He too felt the tension and fear. Nearly every man he encountered had that typical hot, wet sheen over his eyes, and those trembling lips, as if — one and all — they might break out into tears at any moment. Even the officers constantly cocked their heads to one side in ashen-faced apprehension, fearful of hearing the first sound of the German tanks advancing upon them. At the sight of yet another greenhorn with fear written all over his callow face, Iron Mike clenched his fists in sudden anger. ‘Christ Almighty,’ he cursed to himself, ‘if you are gonna attack, damn well do so!

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Old soldiers never die, they simply fade away…  The Western Front, December 1941. For months the Allies have been slogging away, trying to puncture Hitler’s dreaded Westwall into the Reich. But now, with casualties running into hundreds of thousands, Supreme Commander US General Eisenhower is no further forward than he was the previous September. With Washington breathing down his neck for a breakthrough, Ike resorts to a perilous plan. But there are dark forces at work on both sides to thwart the Westwall offensive – and General Patton is an obvious target for swift elimination….

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Kessler Novel in Top100
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Kessler Novel Rises to Top 60 on Amazon Bestseller Ranking The first installment of Leo Kessler’s “Adventures of Otto Stahl” series rose to an impressive #57 on Amazon’s bestseller “Books – Fiction – War” ranking system, beating modern classics like Joseph Heller’s “Catch 22” and Ray Bradbury’s dystopian “Fahrenheit 451”. The Kessler novel is entitled “Otto’s Phoney War” and tells the story of a young German gentleman who slips the draft in an aim to sit out the Second World War. It’s currently 99p on Amazon Kindle. Read it here. You can find out more about the Otto Stahl Adventures in the series’ Spotlight article. Just follow the link here. Buy Otto’s Phoney War Here

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The SS Wotan Series
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Kessler’s Most Infamous Series The series follows the fictional adventures of SS Wotan. Set during the latter days of World War II, this band of soldiers is thrust into the most perilous fighting to defend an ever more desperate Germany from the might of the Allied War Machine. The indomitable von Dodenburg leads his men from the front, while veterans Sgt Schulze and Cpl Matz are always where the action’s thickest. SS Panzer Battalion: The First Book In Wotan’s First Mission, von Dodenburg tackles the inpenetrable Fort Eben Emael. “SS Assault Regiment Wotan was preparing for a mission so secret that it was known just by its codename, Zero. Only The Vulture, Major Horst Geier, knew that the objective was the key Belgian fortress guarding the junction of the River Meuse and the Albert Canal. It was the most impregnable stronghold in Europe and had to be taken if Hitler’s handpicked SS Panzer troops were to turn the flank of the Maginot line and force the phoney war to explode into the Blitzkrieg.” Pick up SS Panzer Battalion here. Dogs of War The SS Wotan series was so successful, that in encompasses a great many books – read the full […]

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The Adventures of Otto Stahl
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It’s the eve of World War II. With a mix of luck, charm and downright dangerous adventuring, Otto wangles his way out of the draft and into the Abwehr, Germany’s MI5. Here Otto thinks he’s safe from the war that’s unfolding all around him, but a bungled assassination attempt will send him racing towards the Belgian border once again… only this time, it’s turned into the front line. Comic, Adventurous, Readable Republished for the first time since their initial release, Otto Stahl’s comic Adventures are now available on Amazon Kindle. Leo Kessler is the pseudonym of prolific WW2 author and historian Charles Whiting. Whiting uses his deep knowledge of the Second World War as the basis of the Kessler novels. Over three million Whiting books have been sold worldwide. The Adventures of Otto Stahl in order: Otto’s Phoney War Otto’s Blitzkrieg Otto And The Reds Otto And The Yanks Otto And The SS Otto And The Himmler Love Letters   The series is being republished in definitive digital and print-on-demand form by Benchmark Publishing. The first two books have already been released and are available by clicking on their titles above. Praise for the first Otto Stahl book, Otto’s Phoney […]

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Otto’s Blitzkrieg Print-On-Demand
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Leo Kessler Now Print-On-Demand For the first time, one of Leo Kessler’s newly-edited ebooks has been made available to print on demand. Otto’s Blitzkrieg, the second book in the acclaimed Adventures of Otto Stahl series can now be bought in either digital or physical form through the Amazon website. The print book costs £9.99, while the ebook version for Amazon’s Kindle platform costs £3.49 only. Take a look at the quality of the print-on-demand book in the pictures below. Buy Now on Amazon About Otto’s Blitzkrieg by Leo Kessler “Flashman for the Second World War” – Benjamin Lindley Otto and the Count are enjoying, well, shall we call it the easy life? Until, that is, the Secret Intelligence Service spoils their early retirement. Will Otto he escape the oddest prisoner of war camp in Britain? Will he reunite with the Count for a second daring mission? Will he learn of a shocking secret that implicates the very top of British government? One thing’s for certain: his dashing good looks will save the day. Republished for the first time since their initial release, Otto Stahl’s comic Adventures are now available on Amazon Kindle. Leo Kessler is the pseudonym of prolific WW2 […]

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A Message From Gill Whiting
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Welcome to the Charles Whiting website! Since my late husband’s death I told myself that a website should be built to show his many readers how dedicated he was to his writing. It was quite exciting in some ways getting all the material together simply because of the sheer volume of novels and non-fiction books he wrote. Charles The Author Charles loved writing and his routine most days would be getting up around 5.30 typing some 2,000 words before breakfast. A late morning swim would be followed by more words in the afternoon. Of course, I should mention that Charles typed all his work on his now famous upright Olivetti typewriter which you see here. He had no interest in the computer and was quite happy tap tap tapping away. However, a trip to the coast for a fish and chip lunch was a must once a week. He wrote all his books on the same typewriter – that’s 275 books and 40,000 words each… we’re looking at a total of 11,000,000 words! Charles The Yorkshireman He was such an accomplished author. His work was well-rounded and he could see every angle of the story. To some people his stories […]

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Website Updated!
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Welcome to the new CharlesWhiting.co.uk New in this update: Better mobile integration – check out the site from anywhere. Easier menu navigation – click to where you want straight away. More interactive – click between authors based on their type of writing. Better news – blog posts are now easier to access and are displayed well.   Have any comments about the new look? Get in touch with us on our contact page and we’ll see what we can do. In the mean-time, enjoy looking around!

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