John Kerrigan

Kerrigan’s books focus on the British Special Boat Service and the Special Air Service. Charles’ grandfather’s surname was Kerrigan and he just added the name John which seemed to go well together. His main characters under the John Kerrigan pseudonym was Mallory and the O’Sullivans of the SAS. Fiction Novels as John Kerrigan The Phoenix Assault – Arrow Books 1980, Signet Dec 1980, as The Bormann Mission by Leo Kessler, Severn House 1997 SBS Series Bluebeard – Arrow Books 1984 Fireball – Arrow Books, 1983 Kill Rommel – Severn House, 1995 Revenge! – Severn House, 1996 Vermin – Arrow Books, 1984 Watchdog – Century, 1984 The O’Sullivans of the SAS Series Kill Rommel – Severn House 1995 Revenge! – Severn House 1996 Surprise Attack – Severn House 1996

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