The SS Wotan Series
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Kessler’s Most Infamous Series The series follows the fictional adventures of SS Wotan. Set during the latter days of World War II, this band of soldiers is thrust into the most perilous fighting to defend an ever more desperate Germany from the might of the Allied War Machine. The indomitable von Dodenburg leads his men from the front, while veterans Sgt Schulze and Cpl Matz are always where the action’s thickest. SS Panzer Battalion: The First Book In Wotan’s First Mission, von Dodenburg tackles the inpenetrable Fort Eben Emael. “SS Assault Regiment Wotan was preparing for a mission so secret that it was known just by its codename, Zero. Only The Vulture, Major Horst Geier, knew that the objective was the key Belgian fortress guarding the junction of the River Meuse and the Albert Canal. It was the most impregnable stronghold in Europe and had to be taken if Hitler’s handpicked SS Panzer troops were to turn the flank of the Maginot line and force the phoney war to explode into the Blitzkrieg.” Pick up SS Panzer Battalion here. Dogs of War The SS Wotan series was so successful, that in encompasses a great many books – read the full […]

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