Charles Whiting

Along with fiction books like his first novel “The Frat Wagon”, Whiting’s 70 odd non-fiction books covered individual battles, German espionage, war leaders – particularly General George Patton and SS Colonel Jochen Peiper – and the war on the home front. The Battle of Hurtgen Forest and More Charles Whiting Books are now available on Amazon Kindle. Read them for free with Amazon Unlimited. Charles Whiting Novels – Fiction Frat Wagon Publisher: Jonathan Cape, 1956, Magna Large Print, 2008. A frightening novel of post-war Germany and of men and women tasting the degradation of defeat. Lest I Fall Publisher: Jonathan Cape, 1956, Magna Large Print, 2010. This was the Germany of 1955, freed from the shackles of Nazism yet still in the iron grip of corruption and misery. Here is a story of a young man who, against his will, is swept along the tide of degradation to a point of no return. Journey to No End Publisher: Jonathan Cape, 1957, Magna Large Print, 2010. A professional revolutionary is sent to help a group of working men holding an important factory from going into the hands of East Germany. He soon realises that even though he has no political interest […]

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Leo Kessler

Leo Cooper tells an interesting story about the creation of Leo Kessler, Charles’ first pseudonym. The following is an extract from Leo’s book, “All my Friends will Buy it”: “I recall the name Leo Kessler which was a pun on my name and the double S in the title was the SS badge. This was an in-joke. As Charles remembers, I suggested that Anthony Cheetham had a project for him. We met in Halle 7 at the Frankfurt Book Fair that year and Anthony said, as it was lunchtime, that we ought to eat something. Being a very canny man with a penny, he didn’t invite us to one of the inside places (too expensive). Instead we went outside to one of the booths where he generously ordered Bratwurst and Bier. Then we sat in the freezing cold on a bench, with the early snow falling lightly, enjoying this splendid meal and thought of a name for the new author who would write about the SS (according to Anthony), rather like the good and bad guys in the old westerns! Then came the name. I had already brought up ‘Leo’ then both Anthony and I remarked that at that time […]

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Duncan Harding

Charles needed a very English name for his Duncan Harding books covering the British Navy war-time adventures around the world. Thus Duncan Harding was born! Novels as Duncan Harding (Fiction) Torpedo Boat Futura 1976 Tug of War Futura 1975 The Destroyer series: Assault on St. Nazaire Severn House 1997 Attack New York! Severn House 1994 Come Hell or Highwater! Severn House 1993 The Finland Mission Severn House 1999 Flotilla Attack Futura 1976, GH Smith & Son 2007 Operation Chariot Futura 1977 Operation Judgement Severn House 1994 Operation Stormwind Severn House 1996 Sink the Ark Royal Severn House 1997 Sink the Graf Spee Severn House 1998 Sink the Prince of Wales Severn House 1998 The Tobruk Rescue Severn House 1995 Special Boat Squadron series: Assault on the Rock Severn House 2006 Clash in the Baltic Severn House 2004 Convoy of Death Severn House 2005 Hell on the Rhine Severn House 2003 Massacre at Jutland Severn House 2006 The Normandy Mission Severn House 2000 Operation Torch Severn House 2005 Prepared to Die Severn House 2007 Ramps Down, Troops Away Severn House, 2004 Sink the Bismarck Severn House 2001 Sink HMS Cossack Severn House 2001 Sink HMS Kelly Severn House 2002 Sink the […]

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