Leo Kessler

Leo Cooper tells an interesting story about the creation of Leo Kessler, Charles’ first pseudonym. The following is an extract from Leo’s book, “All my Friends will Buy it”: “I recall the name Leo Kessler which was a pun on my name and the double S in the title was the SS badge. This was an in-joke. As Charles remembers, I suggested that Anthony Cheetham had a project for him. We met in Halle 7 at the Frankfurt Book Fair that year and Anthony said, as it was lunchtime, that we ought to eat something. Being a very canny man with a penny, he didn’t invite us to one of the inside places (too expensive). Instead we went outside to one of the booths where he generously ordered Bratwurst and Bier. Then we sat in the freezing cold on a bench, with the early snow falling lightly, enjoying this splendid meal and thought of a name for the new author who would write about the SS (according to Anthony), rather like the good and bad guys in the old westerns! Then came the name. I had already brought up ‘Leo’ then both Anthony and I remarked that at that time […]

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Klaus Konrad

Again Charles and his publishers agreed more novels to be written from the German perspective. Hence Klaus Konrad. The main character here was Major von Dietz leading his raw recruits into battle. Fiction Novels as Klaus Konrad Russian Series First Blood – Futura 1980 Front Swine – London, Futura 1982 March on Moscow – Futura 1981

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