Otto’s Blitzkrieg Print-On-Demand

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Otto’s Blitzkrieg Print-On-Demand

Leo Kessler Now Print-On-Demand

For the first time, one of Leo Kessler’s newly-edited ebooks has been made available to print on demand. Otto’s Blitzkrieg, the second book in the acclaimed Adventures of Otto Stahl series can now be bought in either digital or physical form through the Amazon website. The print book costs £9.99, while the ebook version for Amazon’s Kindle platform costs £3.49 only. Take a look at the quality of the print-on-demand book in the pictures below.

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About Otto’s Blitzkrieg by Leo Kessler

“Flashman for the Second World War” – Benjamin Lindley

Otto and the Count are enjoying, well, shall we call it the easy life? Until, that is, the Secret Intelligence Service spoils their early retirement. Will Otto he escape the oddest prisoner of war camp in Britain? Will he reunite with the Count for a second daring mission? Will he learn of a shocking secret that implicates the very top of British government? One thing’s for certain: his dashing good looks will save the day.

Republished for the first time since their initial release, Otto Stahl’s comic Adventures are now available on Amazon Kindle. Leo Kessler is the pseudonym of prolific WW2 author and historian Charles Whiting. Whiting uses his deep knowledge of the Second World War as the basis of the Kessler novels. Over three million Whiting books have been sold worldwide. If you’ve enjoyed Sven Hassel or Eric Meyer, sample some tongue-in-cheek war action courtesy of Leo Kessler.

Praise for the first Otto Stahl book, Otto’s Phoney War:

“Excellent read with lots of humour and great storyline.A likeable hero who is prepared to do anything to avoid fighting in the war.Looking so much to his adventures in book 2.”
– Robert Bull

And from Amazon Customers:

“Thoroughly enjoyed this book, some hilarious innuendos and gags, great for a laugh and a light read, kept me amused and hooked all the way through! Looking forward to future installments.”

“Guffaws Galore!”

“Top poolside reading”

“Really enjoyable read. Good mix of comedy and adventure”

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